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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  March 23, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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?ca wednesday march 23rd 3
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the victim in an overnight fire in northwest baltimore.. has died. died.take a look at this video from the scene... amidst all the smoke lingering in the night sky... you can see fire crews surrounding the home here at the intersection off springdale avenue and el ddrado avenue.flames broke out around 11:30 last night.when firefighters arrived, all but one of the residentsshad made it out of the home.crews found the vvctim... lying unconscious on the second floor.outside, neighbors watched as a stretcher was pulled out. we're all concerned. we dont know him but hes our neighbor this is a great neighorbhood
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and we're concerned about eachother in this neighborhood. neighborhood.again, we have learned that tte victim, found inside... has died.the victims identity is not being released and at this oint there's no worddon what caused the fire. a teenage boy from baltimmre county is dead this morning... shot and killed while standing with friends.police say ... it appears ... an argumeet between the friends triggered the gunfire. happened in this baltimore highlands community. investigators say the victtm was with a group of people in a parking lot on songbird circle yesterday, when they started arguing.we're told at least one person pulled out a gun and shht the bby. he was just 16-years-old.detectives say he started running... but the gunman chased him up a hill toward the victim's later died.nnws... thaa'' and becoming all too familiar for neighbors. (terry) "a lot, a lot of our young people are getting taken out.. and the young people don't have no mmre remorse.." (marion) "it's sad that these little kids are dying likeethis"
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this..."so far, no one has been arrested.but police are calling two brothers, person's of interest. p a stabbing in east baltimore... is now declared a happened around 9:30 last night... at the intersection of east north avenue and greenmount avenue. police found the man lying on the sidewalk.... he was taken to an area hospital.there's no word on a suspect or a motive in the stabbing. the so-called "east coast" rapist is revealing new information about his attacks... that police ever knew about. about.aaron thomas was arrested earlier this month... after d-n-a linked him to attacks on 17 women over the past 12 of those attacks... was here in maryland.yesterdayy.. he pleaded not guilty to one case of raae... but did admit to committing sex offenses since 1991.the news came as a shocker to police... who didn't think his first attack was untii 6 years later. it was one year ago today... the controversial health care reform act... became law.march
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23rd of 2010... president obama signed off on the "affordable health care for americans act."supporters hailed thh bill a landmark legislation... that would make health care accessible to everyone.but critics slammed the law assdoing nothing to improve health care... only forcing ameriians to buy insurance even if they didn't want it.according to a new c-n-n poll... most voters still oppose thh law. ggt ready to snuff out that cigarette when you go down the ocean this summer.the ocean city townncouncil has voted to ban smoking at some parks and playgrounds in town.under the new ordinance.. people smoking in restricted areas will face a 500-dollar fine.the new law is awaiting mayor rick meehan's siinature. a call for help haa sparked the biggest response in the history of the anne arundel county animal shelter. more than 50 seized dogs up for adoption had animal lovers in line for hours. hours. 3 and joel d. smith is live at the shelter now where many of the dogs are about to be taken to their new homes. good morning joel d.
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good morning patrice, (ad lib)
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3 her deadline is up!lindsay lohan must decide today... whether she will accept a plea deal... that would send her to . prison.the actress faces a felony grand theft charge... for allegedly stealing a 25-hundred dollar necklace from a california jewelry store.if lohan pleads guilty... she'lllreturn to court friday.she faces a maximum of three years in prison. your next intimateeencoonter could be deadly. deadly.that's according to a new study... which finds having sex or exercising... nearly átriplesá a person'' risk of heart's the one piece of good news... the risk mainly affects people who do not regullrly engage in those activities.those who are regulars... ave a much lesser chance.
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an amazing story of survival... a dog presumed dead after fire. fire."i miss you. i miss you so much." much."how she survived for a month... locked inside the condemned building. building. you're watccing fox 45 good day 3 baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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that's 1.877.827.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. it's greek week ii baltimore! celebrate he 190th anniversary of greek independen. emily gracey is live with the
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details on this morning's hometown hotspot. hotspot.
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baltimore greek week goes
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independence day parade steps off from eastern avenue at haven street on's from 2pm to 4pm.for more information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. we are following breaking news this morning just into our newsroom.. elizabeth taylor has died. died.the very latest the death of a hollywood icon.. coming up. up. you're "i miss you. i miss you so much"
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much."an emotional reunion for one woman... after finding out her dog... who she thought was dead... is actually alive. tte dog wenttmissing... after a fire ripped through her massaccusettsshome.days after the fire... there was no sign of lola anywhere.almost a monthhlater... the woman returned to the house after her car alarm started going off.that's when she heard something unusual. "i just hear, like, scratching at the door, and then, i she started crying, and i and - couldn't believe that she was in the house for almost a ponth. like, it's crazy!" crazy!" lola was rushed in for emergency care.doctorr condition... considering she survived a fire and 27 days trapped in the house.
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map 195 map fiber map 899 3 you on breaking neww this e - morning... we're now getting more details nto our newsroom... about actress elizabeth taylor... who we just learned has died. puulicist... taylor died peacefully in a loo angeles hospital.taylor was
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hospitalized about six weeks ago with congestive heart failure.she was 79 years old. it's allergy season for both you.. and man's best friend. the best ways to treat your pet's allergies. alleegies.have you seen eachother been around eachother eachotherand.. chris brown... loses his temperwhat he ddd after being asked this question about rihanna. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 3))
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3 after the bitter winter, thh spring weather we're haviig is like a dream.but allergies can turn that dream into a nightmare for many people... and pets.this season, make sure your cannnes and kitties can enjoy thh kristen varner from the family veterinary clinic in gambrills
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is here to tell us how. --in people, we see a lot of respiratory issues, stuffiness, and itchiness. see in pets?--what arr some signs that your pet has allergies?--how do you test your pet for allergies?--it's important to rule out ther issues, what
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are some of those? --can you cure your pet or is this going to be an ongoing issue that needs to be mannged?--how can you treaa your pet's allergies? allergies?
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for more information on the family veterinarr clinic in gambrills, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash mornnng. do you have questionn about your pets?doctor varner will pe back to answer all your questions.she'll take your calls in a few minutes. in the meantime.. you can tweet us at fox-baltimore... or post a question on our facebook page. a hollywood legend.. has died. the latest on the death of elizabeth taylor. taylor.and.. it really does feed yoor soul.the scientific food.. rrally does the trick. trick. you're watching fox 45 gooodday baltimore. ((break 4))
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fiber map 3 we are continuing to updaae you on breakiig news this morning... actress elizabeth
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taylor... has died. died.according to her publicist... taylor died peacefully in a los angeles hospital early this morning. tayyor was hospitalized about six weeks ago with congestive heart failure. the iconic sttr won two academy awards, was married eight times and campaigned for aids awareness. she's survivvd by her four children and 9 grandchildren.she was 79 years old. the family of a marine from westminster ... who was killed in afghanistan speaks out. 25 year old marine staff sargeant james malachowski was killed sunday after a homemade bomg exploded during aacombat mission.his family says after graduating from north carroll high school... all he ever wanted to do was be a marine. (3:53)he said if he ever went he wanted to go out in combat....and that's how he wen. went...malachowski leaves behind wife and two young sons. there are questions about the residency of baltimore city
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council member ... belinda cona. online blog says she actually lives in randallstown.conaway insists her main residence is on liberty heights avenue... in the 7th district. "my husband and iiown property in the county i certainly live here. i welcome the media to come early in the mmrning and she mm walk my childden to chool. this is where i live." council members are required to live in thier districts. it's a story that touches dog lovers so deeply, that more than a hundred of them... were willing to stand in line for hours, just for a chance to adopt. adopt. joel d. smith is live in millersville now where many of these rescued dogs are ready to go to new homes this morning. good morning joel d. good morning megan, (ad lib)
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a violent outburst in a massachusetts courtroom... leaves witnesses stunned. stunned.leave me alone! leave me alone! &palone!for this 26 year-old suspect... going to jail áquietlyá... wasn't an option. shortly after the sentencing... he jumps over the bench and starts running toward the judge.but court officers qqickly tackle him to the ground.the suspect could now be facing more charges. he touched my husband! husband!chaos unfolds at a florida town couucill meeting... after a fight breaks out between the mayor it all started... after the mayor suggested firing the
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town manager's wife... after details of an investigation were released.that's when the town manaaer reportedly went nuts... punching the mayor in the word yet on if the there's a reason they call it .- food.a new study finds foods high in fat and famiiiarity... can help fight the study olunteers were asked tt write about a fight they had with a loved one.then write about it again.. after pating a comfort food.those people felt less lonely after eating.but researchers warn that while these foods provide emotional comfort.. they arr chris brown isn't escaping the drama wiih ex-girlfriend rihanna just yet. yet.drama unfolds shortly after his interview on "good morning america."anchor robin roberts starts asking questions about his &prelationship with his ex... months after being sentenced to probation and community seevice for assault. "have you all seen each other, been around each other?i mean,
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not really, it's not really a big deal o me now, as far as past that in my life, and i phink today's the album day so that's what i'm focused on, so everybody go get that album." album."after hhs performance... brown stormed off the set and reportedly stared down the producer.a phattered window was also discovered in his dressing room.brown later posted that hissalbum was for his fans only... and that he's quote "so tired of everyone else." some say it's not a christian thing to do... but for a group of women in texas... pole dancing isn't just for's a way for them to get closer to ggd. god.once a month... church-going women embrace the dance moves once reserved for's called "pole fitness for jesus."instructors and students say it's not about sex.inntead... it's about connecting with god. "i do feel a spiritual connection whenever you have the music on, and it's singing
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about lifting you up and beingg closer to god. you do feel that" that.""people who want to sii there and judge it, you know, like well that is sacriiegious or you know. that doesn't ake you a good christian when you judge other people." classes are free for women who bring in church pamphlets. according to one instructor... it's because she doesn't want to profit on god's day. save big on your lunch break. break.lunch break. big on your lunch break. 3 break.where you can get a big bucks.or just 11 bucks..- you're
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it's our mobideal of he day! every ddy.. we'll bring you a deal from mobideall... which provides coupons directly to your cell phone! phone! today's deal comes from raaphie's pizza & subss get one 12- inch subb french fries, and a 12 ounce soda for just go to my-mobideals- dot-com to get started.. or smartphone. mobideaassis a product of our parent company.. sinclair broadcast group. how do you know if a minor problem is really something maj? major? our pet expert is here to ansser your questions. the lines are open... 410-481-4545. their roccets. the libyans are laughing at these rockets. and.. libyan president moammaa gadhafi.. mockk an allied attack on his president obama is responding. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimor 3
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happening now... a bus haa exploded in jerusalem, and people are being taken away on're taking a live look... at the chaos. the first bus bombing in several years and comes amid rising tensions between hamas militants and israel. violence ontinues to escalate loud explosions and heavy anti- aircraft gunfire ring out in tripoli.moammar gadhafi is vooing to fight back against coalition forces imposing a no-fly zone. in response... president obama emphasized the importance of the multinational mission. actress elizabeth taylor... has died.according to her publicist... taylor died peacefully in a los angeles hospital early this morning. taylor was hospitalized about six weeks ago with congestive heart failure. sandra endo has a look at her taylor's life... on screen and off. 3
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elizabeth taylor was called one of the most beautiful women in the world. her violet eyes lit up the screen in memorable roles from 'cat on a hot tin roof' to 'cleopatra,' which made her the first actress to receiveea million dollars for one part. her highly-publicized real life sagas were punctuated by eight marriages to seven different men....richard burton twice."i think he's one of the finest actors... one of the? sorry."the ritish-born taylor rode into moviegoers hearts as a child actress in 1145 with national velvet.' "i'll just call him pie. oh, you're a pretty one, pie!"the abilities."i, along with the critics, have nevvr taken myself very seriously. my craft, yes. but as n actress, no."still, taylor received five academy award nominations, and was &ptwiie named best
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her role as a call girl in 'butterfield eight' in 1960. pnd as an ornery alcoholic wife in 'who's aaraid of virginia woolf' in 1966."tut, tut, tut.""tat, tat, tat yourself you old floozy." through the years, taylor battled a litany of health woes -- but it was a health crisis affecting others that drew her ttention....she took up the fight against aids after close friend, rock hudson, died of the diseese in 1985."this is something that &pis a catastrophe that belongs to all of us. it isn't a thing that belongs to a minority grrup any longer. "taylor helped found amfar -- the american foundation for aids research, and established the elizabeth taylor aids foundation. laterr she publicly befriended michael jackson, appearing with thee singer several timms and supporting him to an often critical press. late in her life, the actress took to twitter, where she opened up to fans about her health issues, including a heart procedure in 2009. between her
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charitable workkand her body of work on screen, taylor stood out as oneeof hollywood's most giving and glamorous stars. i'm sandra endo reporting. need some frre advice about man's best friend? friend? if you have questions on any pet issues.. our expert is here. she's taking your calls and facebook questions next. the lines are open... 410-481-4545. you're watching fox 44 gooddday baltimore. ((break 7)) & we're back with doctor kristen varner from the
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family veterinary clinic in gambrills.she's taking your calls on any questions you have a question... our phone lines are open now at 410- 48114545. you can send us a tweet at fox baltimore... or go through our facebook page. 3
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anne- middle river karen- damascus
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3 amber - "how do you stop a dog from chewing and biting themselves? my dog keeps chewing her own tail." tail." tony - "i have a lab/german sheperd mix. i was wanting to know theelife span of these up with him ll his life? the dog is geeting up in age about 13." 3
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rain rain go away... when we'll finally see some sunshine.steve's got your 7- day forecast after the break. you're watchhng fox 45 good day baltimore.
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